Air Wave Sensors by Bircher Reglomat         

Air Wave Sensors (D1 Series)

Manufacturer: Bircher Reglomat
Category: Air Wave Sensors

The pressure wave switch from Bircher Reglomat is based on proven technology that has been working perfectly for over 40 years with millions of units installed and in use. The D1 is used in many different applications.

Because of its simple and basic design it operates extremely reliably and without any interference from the external environment. A defined orifice equalizes for atmospheric and/or temperature changes.

Air Wave Sensing Edge

Manufacturer: Bircher Reglomat
Category: Air Wave Sensors

When the air wave sensing edge is compressed, the air volume inside the profile becomes compressed in a pulsed manner and a pressure wave is generated.

The air wave travels extremely fast through the connecting hose to the connected pressure wave switch which triggers the contact.


Airwave sensing edges offer a simple, robust, and reliable solution for safety in a wide variety of applications, including industrial doors and mass transit.

When the rubber extrusion is compressed, the internal pressure increases which creates a pressure wave impulse. This impulse is transmitted through a connecting hose to the airwave switch.


These instruments shall exclusively be used by qualified personnel. The instruments are not to be used for safety applications, in particular applications in which safety of persons depends on proper operation of the instruments.