Photoelectric sensors for
Food Processing Applications

Manufacturer: Pantron Instruments, GmbH
Category: Photoelectric sensors

Pantron photoelectric sensors thrive in environments where other sensors fail. In cold, steamy, damp, or messy areas, Pantron sensors work hard to keep your equipment up and running.

Pantron Photo Eyes for Counting Meatballs

Pantron photo eys are powerful enough to survive in the harshest environments, but versatile enough to be used to count meatballs, regarless of whether sauce coats the face of the sensors.

Jam Detection of Frozen Cakes on a Spiral Conveyor

Pantron photoelectric sensors work very well in cold environments due to their ability to overcome steam and ice. Use a system of photo eyes to monitor the sides of spiral conveyors and stop them if any frozen cakes become jammed.

Remove Fumes from Areas Where Lasers are Marking Labels with Product Date Codes

The modular systems that Fuchs produces are high-performance, reliable air filtration systems. The modular design provides a precise, customized solution tailored to your technical and emission environment without the need for on-site optimization and adaptation work.

Reduce Down-time and Maintenance Costs

All Pantron automatic infrared photoelectric amplifiers and multiplexers are equipped with microprocessor-controlled diagnostic tools. When things do go wrong, the photoelectric system will help the operator quickly and easily diagnose the problem so that it may be corrected. This keeps down-time to a minimum and reduces the need for lenghtly and often costly service calls.

Non-Stick Level Probe for Detecting Syrup or Chocolate

Capacitive level probes from di-soric are used to measure the levels of conductive and non-conductive liquids, viscous media and bulk material. The level probes are characterised by a high temperature range of up to 125 °C at a compressive strength of up to 10 bar. The probes are installed vertically or on their sides and can be fitted in various thread diameters using an adapter.

Infrared Detectors for Monitoring Temperature in Ovens

Infrared detectors are used wherever and whenever temperatures have to be monitored and conventional sensors would fail due to excessive heat. EGE infrared detectors are characterized by an especially robust, industrial design and construction that protects the unit from mechanical stresses.


These instruments shall exclusively be used by qualified personnel. The instruments are not to be used for safety applications, in particular applications in which safety of persons depends on proper operation of the instruments.