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Infrared detectors

Manufacturer: EGE Elektronik
Category: Infrared detectors

Infrared detectors ODM... detect energy radiated by a hot body in the near infrared range (1...3 µm). Energy absorbed within the spectral range determines detected temperatures. Optical and assessment electronics are situated in a stainless steel casing. O-ring gaskets ensure safe operation even in the presence of large temperature and humidity fluctuations. The plug connector is water tight to IP68.


Infrared detectors are used wherever and whenever temperatures have to be monitored and conventional sensors would fail due to excessive heat. EGE infrared detectors are characterized by an especially robust, industrial design and construction that protects the unit from mechanical stresses.

The units are built in accordance with IP 68 and are thus waterproof up to 3 bar and resistant to high-pressure cleaning methods as well as temperature and climate fluctuations (IP 69K). The glass fiber optic is designed for the most extreme environmental conditions and can withstand temperatures up to 250°C, special versions even up to 500°C.

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The operation of EGE Infrared detectors is not authorized for applications where the safety of a person depends on the device function.