Microwave Motion Sensors by Bircher Reglomat         

Microwave Motion Sensors

Manufacturer: Bircher Reglomat
Category: Microwave Motion Sensors

Bircher-Reglomat uses the latest technology in microwave detection. Utilizing the planar or flat antenna, at 24.125 GHz in the K-band range gives their sensors the capability of achieving the sharpest, most adjustable detection field possible with today's microwave technology.


Microwave Sensors, also known as Radar or Doppler sensors have been used to activate automatic doors for decades. Today's safety standards such as ANSI/BHMA A156.10 have been the driving force for improvement of microwave technology in automatic door applications.

The microwave sensor sends out a high frequency sound wave while listening for bounce back. When the sound wave is returned at a different frequency the sensor knows that there is a moving object within the detection zone. It then sends a signal to the internal relay, which is wired to the door control's activation input.

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These instruments shall exclusively be used by qualified personnel. The instruments are not to be used for safety applications, in particular applications in which safety of persons depends on proper operation of the instruments.