Inductive Ring and Tube Sensors by Di-soric         

Ring and tube sensors

Manufacturer: Di-soric
Category: Inductive ring and tube sensors

Inductive ring sensors with dynamic evaluation are featured by an even higher resolution and detect very tiny parts like e.g. springs.The high resolution also stays stable, when the ambient conditions are changing, e. g. metal-containing contamination. di-soric wire break sensors with static function will be used where wires have to be detected in active detection zones.


Typical applications for frame and ring light barriers include counting very small parts, the length measurement of parts at a constant feed speed, and checking for the ejection of parts to protect tools on presses and punches. Patented technical specialties, sturdy casings and height protection classes feature these di-soric sensors.


The operation of Di-soric inductive ring and tube sensors is not authorized for applications where the safety of a person depends on the device function.