Capacitive Label Sensors by Lion Precision         

Capacitive Label Sensors

Manufacturer: Lion Precision
Category: Label Sensors

LRD2100 clear label sensors rarely require adjustment when changing labels. They only need adjustment when first installed and for unusual labels. Most of the time you can just change label stock and go. Avoid costly "eye-marks" on label webs which are required for optical sensors. Clear label sensors pay for themselves quickly when you stop ordering eye-marks on your labels.


Capacitive sensors use an electric field to sense the amount of material in the sensor. The electric field exists in the gap between a sensing element in the top of the sensor and the grounded baseplate of the sensor. Web material placed in that gap changes the way the electric field behaves — more material changes it more. The electronics in the clear label sensor can sense these changes in the electric field.

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These instruments shall exclusively be used by qualified personnel. The instruments are not to be used for safety applications, in particular applications in which safety of persons depends on proper operation of the instruments.