Adjustable Infrared Photoelectric Fork Light Barriers

Manufacturer: Pantron Instruments
Category: Infrared Photoelectric Fork

Fork light barriers with adjustable fork width are established sensors with a new concept. Until now, different applications required separate fixed fork light barriers. High storage and procurement costs were the result.

Now, the complete fork width range from 5 to 85mm and 5 to 145mm can be covered with a single adjustable fork. The application possibilities are unlimited: the optimal adjustment of the fork width makes it possible to detect, for example, a small slot in a thin plate as well as an object on a conveyor belt. The modification of the fork depth and the maximum fork width is possible after the initial installation due to the modular design.

The automatic power adjustment with dirt compensation enables a fast and easy startup without further adjustments. The light barrier will adjust automatically to the selected fork width after switching on the power. Furthermore, the sensitivity automatically adjusts to overcome contamination of the optics. For special applications, there are manual settings and a teach function. A extra outstanding feature of this product series is the software setting with Pantron‘s Win-Connect. This contain: • extend programming • diagnostic • Software adaptation and update

Features and Specifications

  • Fork width infinitely variable
  • High light immunity
  • High switching speed up to 10 kHz
  • Mounting side by side without influences
  • Protection class IP 67
  • Material aluminum anodized
  • WinConnect interface software
Technical Data at +68 °F
Operation voltage 24 V DC (±20%)
Current consumption IB (IOUT = 0 mA) max. 20 mA
Switching output pnp, npn, pnp/npn
   Output voltage UB > UOUT > (UB-0,3V)
   max. load IOUT 200 mA
   Voltage drop 1.3 V
Switching frequency 4 kHz
Resolution (smallest detectable part) 1.0 mm
Reproducibility 0.1 mm
Pulse stretching 0 / 1 / 10 / 100 ms
Ambient light immunity 20,000 Lux
Electrical connection 3-pole plug M8x1 with snap and screw locking
Connection cable length max. 50 m
Housing material aluminum black anodized
EMV-standard EN 60947-5-2
Protection class IP67
Operation temperature -14 °F ... +140 °F
Storage temperature -13 °F ... +176 °F
Ordering Table
Fork width 5 ... 85 mm 5 ... 145 mm
Fork depth 60 mm 90 mm 60 mm 90 mm
frequency 4 kHz
Transmit light
red 650 nm)
FSR-085V060-B3 FSR-085V090-B3 FSR-145V060-B3 FSR-145V090-B3
Transmit light
red 890 nm)
FSI-085V060-B3 FSI-085V090-B3 FSI-145V060-B3 FSI-145V090-B3
frequency 10 kHz
Transmit light
red 650 nm)
FSR-085V060-S-B3 FSR-085V090-S-B3 FSR-145V060-S-B3 FSR-145V090-S-B3
Transmit light
red 890 nm)
FSI-085V060-S-B3 FSI-085V090-S-B3 FSI-145V060-S-B3 FSI-145V090-S-B3


The operation of adjustable fork FS... is not authorized for applications where the safety of a person depends on the device function.