IMX-A2034 Infrared Photoelectric Multiplexer

Manufacturer: Pantron Instruments, GmbH
Category: Infrared Photoelectric Multiplexers

2-channel multiplex amplifier with automatic gain setting. The PANTRON multiplex process guarantees a strict channel separation, even if the two light barriers are mounted very closely. Four level settings allow the multiplexer to be adjusted to overcome distance and other conditions. With the push of a button, the device switches to test mode and displays information about sensor alignment and wiring such as wire breakage or short-circuit.

Features and Specifications

  • Detection range up to 40 m (131ft)
  • Automatic transmit power adjustment
  • One relay output for each channel
  • 4 level settings
  • Switching mode light / dark selectable for each channel
  • Test function and diagnostic
  • On/off delay timer for each channel
Technical Data at +68 °F
Range (using transmitter ITL combined with receiver IRL / IRH) 7 m / 13 m (23 ft / 43 ft)
Range (using transmitter ITH combined with receiver IRL / IRH) 9 m / 20 m (30 ft / 66 ft)
Range (using transmitter ITA combined with receiver IRL / IRH) 15 m / 40 m (49 ft / 131 ft)
Supply voltage see "Available Types"
Operating basis modulated IR light
Multiplex speed 8 ms
Power consumption 5 VA
Switching outputs 2 x relay 5 A, 230 V AC
   Max. load each 5 A / 230 VAC (24 VDC)
Delay time 0...10 s
Connection 11-pin DIN-plug
Protection class IP 40
Operating temperature -25 °C ... +60 °C (-13 °F ... +140 °F)
Housing material plastic
Available Types
Part number


The operation of infrared multiplexer IMX... is not authorized for applications where the safety of a person depends on the device function.