ISG-A113 Infrared Photoelectric Amplifier

Manufacturer: Pantron Instruments, GmbH
Category: Infrared Photoelectric Amplifiers

Automatic amplifiers are the further development of standard amplifiers. They work without adjustment and operate by switching on the power supply to the correct range, adjusting the transmit power to an optimum, and by constantly regulating the effects of disturbances. The amplifier works with modulated infrared light, which enables a high degree of light immunity to ambient light.

Features and Specifications

  • Detection range up to 50 m (164 ft)
  • Transistor output NPN/PNP
  • Adjustment aid via test function
  • Alarm output for indication of functional reserve
  • 2 different selectable basic transmit levels
Sensing range (Through-beam configuration)
Range (using transmitter ITL combined with receiver IRL / IRH) 7 m / 15 m (23 ft / 49 ft)
Range (using transmitter ITH combined with receiver IRL / IRH) 10 m / 25 m (33 ft / 82 ft)
Range (using transmitter ITA combined with receiver IRL / IRH) 20 m / 50 m (66 ft / 164 ft)
Technical Data at +68 °F
Supply voltage see "Available Types"
Operating basis modulated IR light
Transmit power automatic adjustment
Transmit frequency 3.9 kHz
Switching function light
Basic transmit level low1 / low2 switchable
Switching delay -
Transistor output npn/pnp, max 30 VDC
   Max. load 100 mA
   Switching frequency 20 Hz
Alarm output pnp, 24 V DC
   Max. load  AC: 5 mA, DC: 100 mA
Test input -
Housing material plastic
Protection class IP 40
Operation temperature -13 °F ... +140 °F
Available Types
Part number


The operation of infrared amplifier ISG... is not authorized for applications where the safety of a person depends on the device function.