WinISM version 1.3

Manufacturer: Pantron Instruments
Category: Interface Software

WinISM software is used as an interface to connect a computer to the the following devices: ISM-4000, ISM-4800, ISM-8000, ISM-8800. An interface cable, part number# CAB-COM, is required to make the physical connection from the computer to the ISM device. This cable is not included with the device and is sold separately.

Terms of use

WinISM may be used at no cost for owners of Pantron series ISM-4xxx and ISM-8xxx photoelectric systems. You can read and modify user settings, watch device states and perform diagnostic tests. WinISM can only change those settings, that also can be changed by the keys on the ISM device. Please follow the ISM operating instructions. There is no guarantee for the correctness for the device states displayed by WinISM. The displays and switching outputs of the ISM device are decisive.


There is no setup program for WinISM, as it doesn't really need one. Installation is done by simply copying the supplied files. Extract the complete contents of the ZIP-file into a directory of your choice (suggested \Program Files\WinISM). WinISM will create a .ini file on the first start for program setting storage purposes. WinISM will not create entries into your operating system's registry.


WinISM Version 1.3 is to be used only with devices of version 01/02 (after June 2007, Software V3)

By downloading this software, the end user agrees to the "Terms of use" set forth on this page.


Required Accessories


The minus terminal of the ISM device supply voltage is internally connected to the GND (ground) pin of the RS232 port. Make sure that there is no different voltage between the 24V DC minus supply and your PCs frame ground. Specially for laptop computers make sure to use a galvanic isolated AC adaptor or run the computer on battery. If your AC adaptor has a 3 pin mains connector, make sure that none of the pins, specially the protective ground terminal, is connected to the DC output. If you are not sure, use a galvanic isolated RS232 interface adaptor.


Remove the distributed files and the WinISM.ini file. You may also remove the device settings file you created using WinISM.

System requirements

WindowsNT, WindowsME, Windows2000 or WindowsXP. One serial port available (COM-port) in the range of COM1 to COM9; may also be a USB-to-serial adapter.


If you receive the following message: "Found device with newer software version. You may check for updates of WinISM", you may download the current version of WinISM. Future versions of WinISM possibly may not support ISM devices with older software versions. You may keep a copy of any older version of WinISM, if you own older devices.


The operation of infrared multiplexer ISM... is not authorized for applications where the safety of a person depends on the device function.