Ex- Classified Sensors by EGE         


Manufacturer: EGE Elektronik
Category: Flow controllers

EGE provides a broad product range of sensors for gas EX areas. EGE gas EX sensors are intrinsically safe and are therefore operated with an external EX amplifier (Zener barrier, isolating switch amplifier), which limits the amount of energy that can be brought to an EX environment (Zone 0 or Zone 1). The switching units are either set up outside of the EX area or can be operated in Zone 1 (example: SS400 Ex or SF3).

Flow controllers for use in the chemical industry are made from stainless steel (V4A / 1.4711) or different special materials such as Hastelloy or titanium so that they are also suitable for aggressive media.

To monitor fill levels, EGE supplies devices suitable for aggressive or corrosive media and high temperatures up to 195°C (in temperature class T3).

The inductive proximity switches feature N+N technology (type Namur)

ATEX Dust Ex

Manufacturer: EGE Elektronik
Category: Flow controllers

EGE manufactures proximity switches and flow controllers for areas at risk for dust explosions. They are operated with a separate switching unit (Zener barrier / isolating switch amplifier) and are approved for use in Zone 20 or Zone 21, which means in areas with an almost always or frequent atmosphere subject to dust explosions.

For areas where hazardous/explosive materials are rare (Zone 22), EGE provides compact units that do not need an external switching device (Zener barrier) and are connected the same way standard proximity switches or flow controllers are.



Work areas and machines used to process hazardous substances or materials are subject to especially high risks and therefore protected with suitable measures. The EX representative of the company or plant determines the production resources and equipment in such a way as to minimize the risk of an explosion even with malfunctions or defects of such resources or equipment. The utilized devices have to be certified by an independent organization in accordance with the EX guideline ATEX 94/9 and then are issued a test certificate, namely the ATEX Type Test Certificate.

EGE offers a broad spectrum of sensors for industrial automation and process technology applications. All of these are approved for use in hazardous environments. EGE has many years of experience with EX protection and was the first company to globally market inductive and capacitive proximity switches also approved for use in dust atmospheres prone to explosions.

EGE provides the following sensors:
Flow controllers: For high temperatures, for aggressive media, in special materials and special designs.
Level controllers: Capacitive and opto sensors for high temperatures, aggressive media
Proximity switches: Inductive and capacitive, for large switching distances, harsh environments


The operation of EGE flow controllers is not authorized for applications where the safety of a person depends on the device function.