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Level controllers

Manufacturer: EGE Elektronik
Category: Level controllers

The microwave level controllers of the MFC and MFK series respond to media contact at the tip of the sensor. The devices of the MFK series are made of stainless steel and PTFE and are equipped with a G1/2 process connection. The sensors have a length of 40mm. Thanks to their integrated electronics, no downstream amplifier is required. The sensors do not have to be adjusted to different media, and for containers made of plastic material, no Earth connection is required.


Level controllers without moveable parts are available in various versions and are extremely resistant to soiling. Capacitive level controllers are available for gases to -200 °C as well as hot glue up to +230 °C. PTFE and PEEK are here the preferred materials because they prevent adhesions. Opto fill sensors with glass or PSU tip do not require a medium adjustment and are simply added top the tank. These sensors are also available as explosion-proof units in accordance with ATEX. Ultrassonic sensors, pressure controllers or the capacitive high-temperature measuring probe KFA continuously monitor and log fill levels.

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The operation of EGE level controllers is not authorized for applications where the safety of a person depends on the device function.