Complete Set of Pantron Photoelectric Sensors (Includes amplifier, transmitter and receiver photo eyes and 11-pin socket)

Pantron photoelectric systems are perfect for wash-down areas, carwashes, and amusement park water rides because they have a protection rating of IP67 and are 100% submersible. Pantron photo eyes are available in both hard-wired and quick disconnect versions. The hard-wired photo eyes are fitted with a color-coded strain relief at the point where the cable connects to the body. This reduces the stress applied to the connection between the wire and the photo eye and provides a method for easy identification of the transmitter (red) and the receiver (black.)

ISG-A124 Infrared Photoelectric Amplifier

Automatic amplifiers provide alignment and diagnostic tools. They work without adjustment and operate by switching on the power supply to the correct range, adjusting the transmit power to an optimal level, and by constantly regulating the effects of disturbances. The amplifier works with modulated infrared light, which enables a high degree of light immunity to ambient light.

M12 Series Infrared Photoelectric Transmitter and Receiver

The design of Pantron photoeyes is crucial to their performance. Instead of placing the lens on the front of the photoeye, it is enclosed deep within the protective housing. This prevents the lens from becoming scratched or dirty. The piece on the front of the sensor that resembles a lens is actually a light filter. When the infrared beam is created, it is focused within the sensor and then passes through the external light filter. Using this method, the photoeye is capable of producing a beam that is extremely powerful. Pantron photoeyes are perfect for wet environments because they are 100% submersible and rated IP67.

All Pantron photoeyes, with the exception of the SlimLine series, may be used with any Pantron amplifier or multiplexer. Alignment may be performed easily using a length of string that should be stretched between the transmitter and receiver. Fine adjustments to the alignment should be made to the transmitter side to achieve the strongest beam.

11-pole Amplifier Socket for DIN-rail

The DIN rail socket is used for the wiring of amplifiers which have an 11-pole plug. It is possible to attach it onto a DIN-rail or to mount it with a center screw on an assembly plate. A plastic peg with anti-rotation feature is located at the back side.

Applications for Pantron Photo Eyes

Conserve Water and Chemicals in Car Washes

By switching to a reliable photoelectric system, car wash owners and operators will see an immediate improvement in the accurate detection of vehicles over using limit switches, inductive loops, and treadle plates. Accurate vehicle detection allows for conservation of water and chemicals.

Pantron Photo Eyes on Automatic Roll Up Doors

Pantron infrared photoelectric sensors are extremely powerful, yet simple to install and maintain. They have been used by the door industry's top manufacturers for over 15 years on high speed, high performance, automatic roll up doors and sliding doors.

Automatically Feed Boards in Saw Mill Equipment

Use Pantron photoeyes to detect the end of a board so that the next board may be automatically fed at the correct time. Dirt, condensation, and vibration won't impair the photo eye's ability to see through.


The operation of the devices is not authorized for applications where the safety of a person depends on the device function.