Pantron ISG-N34 series amplifier Pantron IR-M12-15M infrared receiver Pantron IT-M12-15M infrared transmitter

Complete Set of Pantron Photoelectric Sensors (Includes amplifier, transmitter and receiver photo eyes and 11-pin socket)

Pantron photoelectric systems are perfect for controlling animatronic creatures in dark, scary places. Pantron photo eyes are available in both hard-wired and quick disconnect versions. The hard-wired photo eyes are fitted with a color-coded strain relief at the point where the cable connects to the body. This reduces the stress applied to the connection between the wire and the photo eye and provides a method for easy identification of the transmitter (red) and the receiver (black.)

ISG-N34 Infrared Photoelectric Amplifier

Pantron amplifiers operate with modulated infrared light which is invisible to the naked eye and perfect for dark, haunted areas. 0 - 10 Second time ON or time OFF delay allows you to delay the response of the signal to your equipment, or sustain it longer for a few extra screams. The amplifier uses an internal relay to switch external devices like animatronic ghosts, ghouls, and werewolves or to trigger sound effects.

M12 Series Infrared Photoelectric Transmitter and Receiver

The design of Pantron photoeyes is crucial to their performance. Instead of placing the lens on the front of the photoeye, it is enclosed deep within the protective housing. This prevents the lens from becoming scratched or dirty. The piece on the front of the sensor that resembles a lens is actually a light filter. When the infrared beam is created, it is focused within the sensor and then passes through the external light filter. Using this method, the photoeye is capable of producing a beam that is extremely powerful. Pantron photoeyes are perfect for wet environments because they are 100% submersible and rated IP67.

11-pole Amplifier Socket for DIN-rail

The DIN rail socket is used for the wiring of amplifiers which have an 11-pole plug. It is possible to attach it onto a DIN-rail or to mount it with a center screw on an assembly plate. A plastic peg with anti-rotation feature is located at the back side.