Connection Cables by Murr Elektronik         

Connection Cables for Quick-connect Sensors

Manufacturer: Murr Elektronik
Category: Connection cables

A connection cable with a corresponding coupler is needed to connect transmitters, receivers and compact opto sensors with an M8 or M12 connector.

There are connection cables with 3-pole thread M8 or 4-pole thread M12 in straight or right-angle designs. Cables with integrated LED in plug are suitable for compact opto sensors because they show the switching state immediately.

All cables are available in lengths of 5 m (16 ft), 15 m (50 ft), or 35 m (115 ft). The type M12 has a 4-pole and the type M8, a 3-pole plug. All cables have three open-ended wires at the opposite end of the cable.

Features and Specifications

  • For connecting transmitters, receivers and compact opto sensors
  • Type M12 4-pole and M8 3-pole
  • Straight or right-angle
  • Integrated LED available
Technical Data at +68 °F
Protection IP65 and IP67 when plugged and screwed down (EN 60529)
Operating voltage max. 250 V AC/DC
Operating current per contact (40 °C) max. 4 A
Locking of ports screw thread M12 × 1 mm (recommended torque = 0.6 Nm) self-securing
Temperature range -25...+85 °C, depending on cable quality
No./diameter of wires 3 × 0.34 mm²
Wire isolation PVC (br, bl, bk)
Jacket PVC
Outer diameter approx. 4.6 mm
Bend radius (mobile) 10 x outer diameter
Temperature range (fixed) -30...+80 °C
Temperature range (mobile) -5...+80 °C
Dimensional Drawings
CAB-M12-R3    M12 female, 90°
CAB-M12-S3    M12 female, straight
CAB-M8-R3    M8 female, 90°
CAB-M8-S3    M8 female, straight

Standard 3-poled PVC cables

5m length
10m length
15m length
35m length
M12 female, 90° CAB-M12-R3-5m CAB-M12-R3-10m CAB-M12-R3-15m CAB-M12-R3-35m
M12 female, straight CAB-M12-S3-5m CAB-M12-S3-10m CAB-M12-S3-15m CAB-M12-S3-35m
M8 female, 90° CAB-M8-R3-5m CAB-M8-R3-10m CAB-M8-R3-15m CAB-M8-R3-35m
M8 female, straight CAB-M8-S3-5m CAB-M8-S3-10m CAB-M8-S3-15m CAB-M8-S3-35m


The operation of connection cable CAB... is not authorized for applications where the safety of a person depends on the device function.