CLN Series SlimLine Self-contained Infrared Photoelectric Receiver with M12 Connector

Manufacturer: Pantron Instruments, GmbH
Category: SlimLine Self-contained Infrared Photoelectric Receiver

The SlimLine-system operates with only one transmitter SLT... and one receiver SLR... in separate housings. No external amplifier is required. This is an open-loop system that may be used in applications where the photoeyes must be wired opposing each other but there can be no wires shared between the two. Both components are supplied with 24V DC separately.

The system works with modulated infrared light which provides high immunity to ambient light. The electronic circuits are designed to detect only those signals with the correct frequency and phase relation. This almost completely excludes interference from other light barriers. Thanks to their large aperture angle, they can be easily aligned even at distances of 15 meters. They are insensitive to vibrations, shock and the resulting readjustment.

The system can be combined of different transmitters and receivers. The new STB transmitter allows a range of up to 40m, the STA transmitter up to 15m. Three receivers are available with different range and switching speed.

Features and Specifications

  • Extremely dirt-resistant
  • High penetration
  • Small design
  • Transmit power adjustment with external resistor
  • Does not need external amplifier
Technical Data at +68 °F
Sensing Range SRS... / SRH... / SRL...
   Using transmitter STA... 1m / 6m / 15m
   Using transmitter STB... 5m / 20m / 40m
Light immunity 60,000 LUX
Supply voltage 13 VDC...30 VDC
Current consumption max. 35 mA
Operating angle 12.5°
Switching mode light or dark available
Transistor output npn/pnp
   Output current 100 mA, short circuit proof
   Switching frequency (max.) 500 Hz / 150 Hz / 20 Hz
Housing material Nickel-plated brass or stainless steel
Connection type M12 connector
Protection class IP67
Operating temperature -13°F...+140°F
Storage temperature -40°F...+176°F
Vibration 10-55 Hz, 1.5 mm
Shock 30 g
Output status display LED yellow
Available Types w/ M12 connector (Nickel-plated brass) Range: STA 1m / STB 5m Range: STA 6m / STB 20m Range: STA 15m / STB 40m
Receiver Light switching SRSL-CLN-C4 SRHL-CLN-C4 SRLL-CLN-C4
Receiver Dark switching SRSD-CLN-C4 SRHD-CLN-C4 SRLD-CLN-C4
Available Types w/ M12 connector (Stainless-steel) Range: STA 1m / STB 5m Range: STA 6m / STB 20m Range: STA 15m / STB 40m
Receiver Light switching SRSL-CLV-C4 SRHL-CLV-C4 SRLL-CLV-C4
Receiver Dark switching SRSD-CLV-C4 SRHD-CLV-C4 SRLD-CLV-C4


The operation of infrared sensor SR... is not authorized for applications where the safety of a person depends on the device function.